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News: May 26, 2006

- A nasty bug was causing asp2php to convert A=B to $A==$B. This is fixed in this version.

News: May 14, 2006

- Matt Brown sent me some more fixes for asp2php. Both my changes and Matt's changes are listed in the CHANGES file. Since a lot of stuff seems to have changed (hopefully improved :) I changed the version number from 0.76 to 0.77.

News: April 11, 2006

- Matt Brown sent me some fixes for single-line if/then/else statements and added support for split and mod.

News: June 23, 2005

- Very strange that no one reported this bug to me a long time ago. But anyway, the Windows version of asp2php was never able to use the -dir option. The problem was I was making a system() call to mkdir -p since on Unix systems this would create all directories and set up file permissions and such, which was quite nice. On Windows this doesn't work at all. Owell. I'm glad someone finally reported it to me.

Just as a side note, a few months ago someone was arguing with me about asp2php in emails complaining that a side note on my docs page recommends using the Unix version of asp2php since the Windows version probably wouldn't work as well. He argued that since they are both written in C and compiled with gcc they should run the same and wouldn't listen to me that there is a difference. Well, there *IS* a difference and this shows it. There are other differences too, especially in the way the gif2png stuff is handled and the way directories are handled. Once again I will highly recommend using asp2php on a Unix-like OS (Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, MacOSX) rather than Windows.

One last thing. I'm tempted now to remove the gif2png option since the patent on LZW compression has ended. It's an extra command line option and another layer of complexity to the program that probably is not so useful anymore (even tho it's pretty obvious that PNG is a supperior format in both file format and compression). If anyone has an opinion on this, feel free to let me know.

News: September 8, 2004

- There is a nasty bug in 0.76.22. Version 0.76.21 is still usable and I'd recommend using that one until I have time tonight to fix the problem for version 0.76.23.

News: September 7, 2004

- Thanks to Tursi (sorry, I don't know your real name) for sending me bug reports and fixes. The rnd() function, a missing mysql semicolon, and hex literals have been fixed. There is also a new command line option for changing .asp references in response.write's to .php references. This will all be in version 0.76.22. I also changed the way some of the date functions are translated to PHP.

News: August 10, 2004

- Thanks to Terry Fielder the postgres conversion code has been updated for version 0.76.21.

News: December 8, 2003

Version 0.76.19 of asp2php is released. Along with little bug fixes here and there, fixed a problem in the way functions were converted. Also added a -fulltags option for creating PHP with tags that look like this: <?php instead of <?.

News: May 3, 2002

Fixed a problem parsing functions that didn't have parenthesis around them. Added some Filesystem conversion code. Added an option to convert DOS path's with backslashes to Unix forward slashes (-fixwinpaths). Fixed a problem with preparsing include files.

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